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How it works

Sign up to your chosen programme and enjoy your 7 day free trial! It's a monthly rolling programme, with sessions delivered weekly. You can pause and resume your membership at any time,


We are Coaches who care and here to support every step of the way. You can track your metrics, gains and progress through the app. No need to wait - jump in wherever you’re at!


All of our programmes have a different focus so we've made sure there is something for everyone. Whether it's quick lunch break sessions or training for a fitness comp - we've got you covered.



The Ultimate Training Programme
For the fitness lover to build strength, fitness and a functional physique. Train blends body building, strength training, functional movement and cardiovascular fitness to look AND feel your best.


Minimum: barbell, plates & DB/KBs
Nice to have: pull up bar/rig and a rower, bike or ski erg.

best for

- Body composition
- Building strength
- Improving fitness
- Mobility & functionality



Get more done in less time
For the fitness lover who has 1 hour to train. Whether it's before work or your lunch break, TRAIN60 gives you all you need to look and feel awesome.


Minimum: barbell, plates & DB/KBs
Nice to have: pull up bar/rig and a rower, bike or ski erg.

ideaL for

- 60 minute sessions
- Body composition
- Strength & Fitness
- Mobility & Functionality



The Ultimate Functional Fitness Programme
For the focused performer looking to develop unparalleled fitness levels, capacity and all round performance. Perform blends olympic lifting, strength training, hypertrophy and conditioning  to deliver the #Ultimate functional fitness programme.


Minimum: barbell, plates and dumbbells or kettlebells
Nice to have: pull up bar or rig, rower, bike or ski erg.

best for

- Fitness competitions
- Performance & Capacity
- Olympic & Compound lifts
- Gymnastics & mobility


- 4 main workouts, 3 for TRAIN60.
- Optional additional aerobic and conditioning workouts.
- Specific warm ups & mobility.
- Weekly recovery flows & podcast suggestions.
- Video library & progress tracking


The best time to get started is right NOW! Jump onto one of our amazing programmes and discover what your body is capable of. Look good, feel good

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Got a question?

I don’t use Facebook

That’s OK, it’s not a deal-breaker. You won’t miss out on any of the programming - that’s all delivered via the TrueCoach app. The only thing you won’t be able to access is our private Facebook community which is where we post coaching videos, do Q&As, and put extra content like recipes, challenges, and giveaways.

What if I need help with the exercises?

Everyone needs help sometimes. We’ve created an extensive video library showing you exactly how to perform each exercise. You’ll also find scaled versions or replacement exercises in case you don’t have the kit or can’t do the movement.

Can I train at home?

Yes, the Minimalist was designed with home training in mind (it’s also great for busy gyms where you can find a quiet corner). And the Hybrid gives you daily options for home training if you can’t make it to the gym.

Do I need gym membership?

The Minimalist and Hybrid plans can be done at home with minimal equipment. Of course the more equipment you have, the more you’ll be able to get out of the programmes.

What if I change my mind?

It’s easy to switch to another programme (you get unlimited swaps throughout your membership). If you decide this isn’t for you, we’ll be sad (just being honest) but we will wish you all the best, no hard feelings. You can cancel any time.

Can I track my progress and lifts?

Absolutely. This is an important part of any training plan. The TrueCoach app makes it easy to track your training sessions, lifts, weights, sets, reps, and other key variables.

Do the programmes include options and regressions?

Yes. We recognise that everyone will have access to different kit. You’ll always have the option to scale a movement or do something similar instead. We’ll explain that in each session.

What is functional fitness?

Functional fitness is a fun and varied style of training that gets you fit and strong for life. This isn’t about what you look like (although an amazing body will be a by-product!) It’s about challenging yourself, learning new skills, and using your body as it was designed to move.

How will I access my plans?

Sign up and choose your programme. You’ll get email instructions to download the free app and access your plans, the exercise video library, and Facebook group.

Which programme should I choose?

Take a look at the descriptions above. Take into account the equipment you have (at home or the gym) and what your goal is. Remember, you can always switch if you change your mind.

Do I have to be experienced?

Not at all. We are passionate about getting everyone involved in functional fitness. Our programmes make sure there is something for everyone. The plans include lots of coaching guidance, clear explanations, and a video library.

Do you cater to elite athletes?

Yes. If you’ve been doing Oly lifting or Crossfit for a while and want a structured plan, choose Pro. We’ll both be doing that programming. And if you still think it’s not challenging enough, let us know. We love feedback!


Experience a full week of programming to find out why members rave about The Ultimate You. Sign up and choose a week of Minimalist, Train, or Pro. See you on the other side!

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Get your trial


Experience a full week of programming to find out why members rave about The Ultimate You. Sign up and choose a week of Minimalist, Train, or Pro. See you on the other side!

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Sign up today